South African news and entertainment updates sites: How and When: provides an online platform where anybody can get an adequate answer to most of their questions regarding many areas of life such as: career, health, tourism, social, technological, religious, and many more.

Africa Informer: a news website which focuses on bringing fresh news and trends from the African Continent. The website is called Africa Informer

Maponya Institute: The Institute is inspired by the Brazilian National Service for Industrial Apprenticeship, SENAI Institute, whose mission is “To promote vocational and technological education, the innovation and transfer of industrial technologies, contributing to increase the competitiveness of Brazilian industry.” Dr Maponya was introduced to SENAI Institute during his business visit to Brazil, as a member of the delegation of the South African President, Hon. Jacob Zuma. He remained behind in Brazil, and was introduced to the SENAI Model.

Great Feeling: General news website focusing on South African content.

Hazel Bird Post blog website: you ever wondered where are all good products on the internet? Well, we have a whole lot of them.

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